Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)

ANLP India logoNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in simple words is study of excellence. NLP is a popular form of applied psychology that has some serious scientific backing for basic concepts. NLP is also defined by some as science and art of creating change. It is simple and with its vast application field you are bound to find different people define it differently. Technically N, L and P in NLP mean

N (Neuro) – Brain and nervous system,

L (Linguistic) – Language skills

P (Programming) – The unconscious programs that are run by us in our mind

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I should have done it much before…

This was my first tryst with NLP, which I had been planning since years. After completing, I really wish I should have done it much before. An amazing workshop that has brought lot of clarity to my own self as an individual!

Intense 5 Day training but loads of fun! Sushil has been a friend, coach and a mentor. He lucidly explains arcane concepts and makes you confident of using them. I wish him all the best.

Amazing Program! I will implement in my day-to-day life. Sushil is an amazing trainer and he adds real and practical picture to the program, by which I am able to see through the result and adaptability, clearly and nicely. I will use the therapy and practice in work and personal space.

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