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Terri Ann Laws is founder of Brat Control, The International Mind Institute and Mental Combat. She is the writer and designer of many effective, successful much loved courses including the ‘Real Skills’ Hypnotherapy training, which attracts people from all over the world because it is the most practical, skilled based, effective Hypnotherapy training around.
Terri Ann has taken trainings on four continents from 24 NLP trainers, including 17 top, well known international NLP Trainers, 7 of which are original developers. She did NLP Master Trainer’s training with the highly prestigious International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA), and she is a Master Trainer of Mind Power and a Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis.

Terri Ann attends several courses every year and constantly upgrades herself and her skills. She is also a qualified Silva Method instructor and a qualified Fire Walk instructor and Spiritual Teacher.

In her pursuit of excellence, each and every year, Terri Ann attends at least 200 hours of CPD trainings, buys at least 10 CD training sets (on ave 6 to 8 CDs per each set) and DVDs on subjects of NLP, Hypno, Mind Power, Personal growth, Spiritual, Financial, Business and Life empowerment skills, which she studies seriously. She is also constantly reading books and articles. She has attended numerous other seminars, talks and demonstrations all over the world (list available) in a variety of related fields.

Terri Ann suggests to you her ‘automobile university’ which is, she always has a set of learning CDs in her car and uses every minute of travelling time to listen and learn. If you spend 40 minutes per day in your car you can go through one CD per day 365 days per year! It is best to always listen to each set twice, the second time a month or so after the first time. Spend half an hour every evening reading before going to sleep because then you sleep on the good knowledge and then it goes in unconsciously too. You’ll be amazed how many books you plough through in a year.

Terri Ann has also attended 7 other trainings over the last 10 years varying in length from 2 days to 12 days by well meaning but untrained or poorly trained individuals and/or unethical charlatans pretending to be experts. She reckoned it would be wise to NOT put their names or the names of the courses they teach/taught up on this list, and I’m sure you’ll agree with that decision Her intuition is now greatly improved and she seldom finds herself on the ‘wrong’ course anymore