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Doris Greenwood is an expert in leadership and communication, and has 28 years of experience in coaching and training. She has focused in the past 22 years on custom-designing programs for various organisations in the US and internationally. Her presentations offer practical interactive tools and inspiring experiences. Having visited India over 20 times, Ms Greenwood developed her speciality in bridging cultural diversity. Her cutting-edge programmes create transformation in the attitude and accountability of participants.

Her qualifications include

  1. Certifying trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from Society of NLP
  2. Certified ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) and counselor, Germany
  3. Business coach and wellness educator

The focus is implementing practical tools for long-term success on the behavioral level and the importance of these programmes is their systemic effect on the organisation. Her expertise is usually sought for at the executive and manager levels. As part of WisdomTree Solutions, she brings with her the guarantee of highly effective NLP based transformation programmes.


  1. Master Trainer Training – Society of NLP presented by the president of the NLP Society
  2. Advanced Language Application for Professional Success: NLP Connection, Christina Hall, Santa Cruz, 2006
  3. Paradox Management: Facticity Trainings, Seattle, (2004)
  4. Neuro-Linguistics & Language in Action – training in conversational persuasion patterns presented by the president of the NLP Society (2004).
  5. Business Consulting Certification, Dilts & DeLozier: Santa Cruz University, CA, USA (2003)
  6. Advanced Business Consultation: Edmondson Associates, Seattle, WA, USA (1998-2001).
  7. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching Training at NLP Comprehensive, Colorado, USA (2000).
  8. Business Consulting Certification, Dilts & DeLozier: Santa Cruz University, CA, USA (2003)The Art and Skill of Training – Society of NLP, California, USA, professional trainer training and certification (1997).
  9. Practitioner & Master Certification Training in NLP, Facticity Trainings, Seattle, WA, USA (1995-96).
  10. Advanced Consultation Skills Training (1995).
  11. Specialized Training in Perceptual Learning Styles (Dr. Dawna Markova model, 1993).
  12. Leadership Excellence Training: Empower You, Reno, Nevada, USA (1993).
  13. Ericksonian Hypnosis & NLP Certification Course, Facticity Trainings, Seattle, WA, USA (1987 & 1990).
  14. Counselor Training Certification: Full-time client practice, leading courses and therapy groups. (1987-89).
  15. Voice Dialogue (Gestalt) Training and Certification, (1987).
  16. Intensive Primal Deconditioning Facilitation (1987).
  17. Holistic School for Naturopathy of VDH (Verband Deutscher Heilpraktiker, 1982-85); Government-certified Doctor of Naturopathy, Bonn, Berlin, Germany (1985).
  18. Bioenergetics, Body Types and Body Reading: Zec-Center for Body-Oriented Consciousness Work, Berlin, Germany (1983).

ome international sponsors and organizations

  • Bajaj Allianz, Pune, India
  • Denali State Bank, Alaska
  • Dynamic Properties, Real Estate, USA
  • EmpowerU Trainings, Reno, Nevada
  • Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Alaska
  • Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc., Alaska
  • MCCIA, Maharatta Chamber of Commerce, India
  • Mount McKinley Bank, Alaska
  • North American Seminars, Kent, Washington
  • Pike’s Landing Hotel, Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Providence Health Systems Alaska
  • RuralCAP, Native Cooperation, Anchorage, Alaska
  • Selling in the Zone, Edmondson Associates, Seattle
  • SER-Insituto, Brasilia, Recife and Salvador, Brazil
  • University of Alaska; University of Washington
  • Union for Social Work, Germany