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The Art and Science of Negotiation
     A Two-day Negotiation Master Class


There can be few people not prepared to admit that much of the world is gripped by an uncertain economic climate. For organisations to survive and grow, they need to address three key issues:

  • Reduce expenditure
  • Increase profitability
  • Optimise performance

Of course, these apply at all times but even more so now. This programme, created and delivered by an international specialist in the art and science of successful negotiation, will take participants through the process step by step with practical examples, case studies and opportunities to apply new learning to specific markets.

Who should attend?

The simple fact is that negotiating is a part of everyday life for just about every adult on the planet. So, with that in mind, this Master Class will be suited to anyone in a business environment from the CEO down. Past participants in our negotiating programmes include:

Directors at every level Managers across all functions
Entrepreneurs/ Small business owners Professional buyers
Sales people Key Account Managers
HR professionals Financial Services professionals
Healthcare professionals and Managers Government Professionals


The list could go on and we’re sure you will agree that it’s a very diverse list.


What will you learn?

  • The skills and qualities of a “master negotiator”
  • Golden rules for ensuring you succeed
  • Understanding, and using, body language
  • The unconscious process of communication – and how it can mess things up for us
  • Load your language – how words can change minds
  • The Harvard Negotiation Model and how to use it
  • Planning, strategy and tactics – step by step guide to building a successful negotiation
  • Breaking the process down into simple steps that work
  • Dealing with the “dirty tricks” negotiator – what they do and what you can do about it


Personal action planning

It is our firm belief that the investment in time, energy and money devoted to attending this programme should be rewarded by seeing real results back in the workplace. For this reason, we ask every participant to commit, in writing, to making at least six specific changes to the way they work as a direct result of participating.


How will you learn?

The Master Class leader, Ralph Watson, is a leading specialist in negotiating, having provided negotiating consultancy services at the very highest levels on an international basis. He is also reputed to be one of the most effective trainers in the world. Ralph will use a range of methods, including:


  • Instruction
  • Discussion and debate
  • Individual and group exercises
  • Case study projects
  • Open question sessions


His skill with accelerated learning, humour and forthright, yet supportive feedback will ensure a fast paced and enjoyable experience that is an excellent crucible for learning.