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Art of Training – Master Skills

Training in past few years have grown exponentially. Organisations across different verticals are beginning to realise the need for training their employees and open training segment too is increasing rapidly. In past few years more and more professionals are shifting to training and allied fields as their choice of profession.

One of the major challenge faced by professionals wanting to explore opportunities as trainers is availability of programmes that would help them become effective in the trade. Though several programmes are available in the market ranging from three to ten days, they effectively fail to deliver the requisite skills. While short duration programmes end up offering basic presentation skills, long duration programmes spend more time and energy on teaching administration of training, not the skills

For past several years, I have been asked by many participants of my programmes and colleagues in corporate world to design a Trainer programme that focuses on skills and delivery of effective training. Of the people who were keen to attend these programmes are some trainers, managers and several business leaders who were looking for expanding their horizons. I was contacted by few senior managers who were wanting to transform their organisations by enriching their managers with such skills.

So, here we are with a programme that has taken me almost one year of research and fine tuning. I have looked at various programmes, spoken with practicing trainers, managers and participants to know what their needs are, gone through hundreds of programme feedbacks to know what makes a training programme click with participants, to precisely understand how they feel. I have worked to find out how I could encapsulate all significant skills in minimum available time. How I could create a programme that will be a significant value add for working trainers and simple enough for first timer to learn and practice. I have used my knowledge of NLP and several significant inputs I received from other master trainers before my certification as Master trainer of NLP to make this programme deliver required skills to participants.